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Thaer, der 2015 aus Syrien geflüchtet war, stellte sich für den „Documentary“-Teil des Fotografieprojekts zur Verfügung und erzählte von seiner schrecklichen Flucht, während die Studierenden ihn fotografierten.

„Even before the war I wanted to study in Germany or Russia. I had two professors who studied there and I respected them much and that‘s why I wanted to study in Germany as well.“ „When the war started in Homs the university closed for three months. After that it always took a lot of time to get there because the streets were all destroyed and you had to drive around the city.“

„To come here cost nearly 3000€. But I could see no future for myself in Syria.“

„I miss my family. I like them very much. One of my brothers is nearly finished with university. After that he will be drafted. He wants to come to Germany, but my family spent all their money for me to get to Germany.“

„I never lied to my family before. But I lied to my mother when I called her. I told her I was in a nice hotel and it was beautiful in Greece. But really we had spent the night freezing at the shore.“

Eckdaten zum Projekt

  • Fotografieprojektkurs
  • Wintersemester 2015/2016
  • Helena Ebel